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mindFULL, P.A. Mental Health Clinic

Our goal is to assist every individual to unleash their mind's full potential and achieve optimal mental health.

      We have moved!!!!!       
1776 Hwy 49, Florence MS 39073.

About Our Clinic

Focusing On Individual Customized Care

mindFULL is a privately owned mental health clinic that originated in downtown Brandon, MS. Our business model allows us to focus on each individual we serve and to customize their care and services around their specific needs. We take the time to actually get to know you on a personal level. Your quality and quantity of care is of our utmost importance. mindFULL’s providers arrange their schedules so they are able to take the extra time required to ensure you receive all the help available. We offer flexible appointment times and have incorporated the latest technology into our practice so that our patients are able to fully maximize the advantages of Tele-Health (facetime, phone, text). We offer a variety of mental health services for all ages.

mindFULL is one of the few clinics that offers ‘all-in-one’ services in the SAME visit. Most other clinics refer you out for psychological testing; not with us! Roxi is a Licensed Psychometrist and she can get you set up with the appropriate testing. You are able to have your psychiatric evaluation, get your prescription electronically sent to your drug store, and get tested (if required) all within the same visit. We are being told that people are traveling out of state and paying anywhere between $800-$1000 for ADHD testing alone! We offer this testing for a fraction of that price.

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